Terms & Conditions


MED Travel LTD is a medical travel agency registered in the United Kingdom.

We deal with organising and arranging medical trips to Romania.

We are the connection between clients from Europe and medical service providers from

Romania. We ensure that our clients will be treated with professionalism, devotion and that they

are offered the best treatment for the most affordable prices. Our company also checks that our

medical service providers are fully insured and have all the necessary requirements in order to

run in accordance with EU laws.

MED Travel is a company registered in the UK and our services will include the following:

1. Offering consultancy in regards to when and where to book flights

2. Airport transfer (home to airport & airport to hotel)

3. Booking hotel accommodation

4. Dental Implants & Treatments – Providing the client with an estimated price and

arranging the treatment plan together with the dentist in order for the procedure to be efficient

but most importantly, safe and of the highest quality.

5. Balneotherapy* Packages in Baile Felix (Romania)

6. Arranging trips to touristic attractions so that our clients experience the best medical

services while enjoying their time discovering Transylvania.

7. Booking any other medical investigations/treatments requested by the client


Payment for the accommodation and agency handling fee of £100 will be taken at the moment

when the client accepts the offer and have decided the period of when he would like to travel in

accordance with the doctor’s recommendation. Accommodation price is variable – depending on

the hotel, period and any other extras chosen by the client.

The handling fee is non-refundable. Accommodation refunds are subject to the Hotel’s Refund



Payments towards all medical services will be made directly to the medical service providers

(clinic, dentist etc.) at the moment when the clients arrive at the location where the

treatment/investigation takes place. The amount is subject to the services requested. If there is

more than one session required so that the treatment/investigation is complete (especially for

dental implants), then the client will pay the cost before or after each session which will

represent the cost for what was/will be done on the day.

MED Travel is the connection between patients and medical service providers from Romania.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything that might go wrong during the

treatment/investigation or after. The medical service providers are reliable for anything that

might go wrong during or after the treatment/investigation.



Price of a Balneo Travel Holiday is variable depending on the period, number of people

travelling, features chosen by the client and add-ons (Booking cabs, restaurants, tourist

attractions etc.). Payments for the trip has to be made in full in the moment of acceptance of the

offer or in two instalments one.

MED Travel’s dedicated team will guide you step by step prior and during your trip. We will

make sure that you will not feel alone and that you are treated with professionalism. We are

open 7 Days a week and you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp, Facebook, Text message

or Phone Call.