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Apuseni Mountains are are sheer drama, a must see for mountain lovers. Beneath silhouettes of mountains lie thatches of conifer forest, while sinkholes and grottoes are secreted away in the karst plateaus. Some 760 sq km here are protected as the Apuseni Nature Park, best accessed from Oradea. Meanwhile the Padiş Plateau is the park’s central point, and a popular outdoor excursion. It's a place where people who like hiking should spend at least 2-3 days. The best part is that you can take several hiking routes (from 2 hours to one day trips) at different difficulty levels.

Bears’ Cave is the main tourist attraction of the Apuseni Mountains. Placed in the Chiscau village, in Bihor County, 2h drive from Oradea, the most modern show cave opens the gates into the heart of the mountain for all tourists.

Aqua Park….