The first attested proof that the waters from Baile Felix have unique healing properties dates back to year 1241, during the Mongol invasion. Historical documents indicate that when the Mongol army attacked and destroyed Oradea, one of the leaders became injured during the battle. After bathing in the thermal water of Baile Felix, two weeks later he managed to get back on his feet due to the water accelerating the healing process. In that moment, he ordered that the village of Baile Felix and its surroundings not to be destroyed.

Baile Felix is situated in the best part of Transylvania, only 7km away from one of the most beautiful cities of Romania, Oradea. This resort has a unique bio climate which induces a state of relaxation and rejuvenation within the human body. 


What is Balneotherapy?

Balneotherapy is a traditional medicinal technique, which uses thermal mineral water and mud to cure/heal a large number of afflictions.


What does it treat?

A.  Rheumatic Diseases

1. Acute Rheumatic Diseases:

  • Reactivated arthritis

  • Acute flares: rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

2. Chronic rheumatic diseases

  • Degenerative: peripheral arthritis, spinal cord, with sciatica discartroza LS

  • Inflammatory type: rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

  • Metabolic uric arthritis type: diabetic neuropathy, diabetic arterioapatia

B. Neurological Diseases

  • Mono and secondary polyneuritis

  • Post-stroke paresis

C. Sequelae Post trauma

  • Sprains with joint stiffness

  • Sequelae after fractures algoneurodistrofii

D. Sequelae after surgery

  • Post laminectom

  • Prosthetic hip surgery

  • Knee prosthetic surgery

E. Neuroses stress


 About Baile Felix Resort

 Location and climate

With the natural bio climate at the resort, it allows for the wind originating in the Austrian Alps to be felt even during the warmer months.

The breeze activates heat-absorbing mechanisms, which enhances the effects of thermal water. Unique in the world, the thermal waters of Baile Felix are the most appreciated healing waters in the region.

What is unique about the thermal water in Baile Felix Resort?

The thermal water in Baile Felix is so pure that it can be consumed as drinking water. It originates in the Carpathian Mountains. The rainwater that falls on the mountains filters and purifies itself through the soil and becomes rich in minerals. It takes 35 years for the rain that fell on the mountain to filter through the ground and reach the resort.

Another unique property of the water is the presence of the chemical element Radon. Its role is to keep all the elements of the water in perfect harmony/equilibrium thereby making it therapeutically active.    

Spring temperatures, between 37°C and 45°C, and the concentration of salts slightly over 1 g/l provide miraculous properties to these waters for most locomotive disorders, falling in the category of oligomineral waters.

All the medical benefits are naturally occurring, as they are in their natural state; not filtered, not chlorinated or have any other changes brought about by the human hand.

Furthermore, the Baile Felix resort never reuses or recirculates the water as it is changed every day, unlike the resorts in places such as Germany and Switzerland. It is so fresh that it will have been drawn from the ground only a short while before being used for treatments.

Some examples of the medical benefits of thermal water treatments include:

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Improvement of the blood circulation, which greatly benefits all musculoskeletal and muscular/articular pathologies.

  • For muscular and articular pathologies, a two-week treatment in Baile Felix ameliorates the painful aches that these types of diseases are causing.

Accolades & Recognition

In recognition of its therapeutic qualities, the waters of this resort were awarded a gold medal and an honorary diploma at the world exposition in Paris.

Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad, is a renowned thermal water resort in Europe, based in Czech Republic. At the entrance of the resort there is a plaque that states that the healing properties of the water in Karlovy Vary is the 2nd best in Europe after the water found in Baile Felix, Romania.

Staff and treatment planning   

One of the main advantages of the Baile Felix resort is that you will be in the hands of highly experienced doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and masseurs.

Upon having an initial consultation and medical evaluation from our doctor, you will receive their recommendation on the best course of action and a subsequent personalised and detailed treatment plan.

A final assessment will take place after all treatments have been completed and the results will be forwarded to you and your doctor.


Treatment facilities at President Complex Baile Felix

CRENOTERAPY (internal thermal water therapy by Felix) for:

  • Gastroduodenitis

  • Chronic enterocolitis

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Cholecystopathy

  • Kidney disease, cystitis, etc...


ELECTROTHERAPY with all forms of low and medium frequency currents, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, four cell galvanic bath, Stanger bath



  • Physical therapy rooms equipped with specific equipment

  • Spinal traction

  • Lymphatic drainage device



  • In the pool with thermal water and physiotherapy

  • Underwater shower

  • Scottish shower


  • Pelotherapy (mud therapy)

  • Paraffin wraps

  • Shortwaves

HAND MASSAGE - segmental or regional medical


  • Herbal baths (wet and dry)

  • Magnetic sedative

  • Sedative massage

  • Scottish shower

Accredited Professional Medical Personnel

  • Doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, masseurs

  • Experience in the field

  • Possibilities of drug treatment for specific diseases and for the breakthrough (angina, viruses, etc.)

  • Calls to 112 emergency service in due time (8-10 minutes) in hospital emergency