We invite you to discover the best aspects of this region of Transylvania including its most beautiful city, Oradea, the natural surroundings and experiencing the local traditions and delicacies.


Oradea, The Art Nouveau Capital of Romania

Oradea is situated in the western side of Romania, on the banks of Crisul Repede River that divides the city into almost equal halves.

For the past millennium, the city has been home to many nationalities including Italian, Hungarian, Jewish and German, making it a multicultural centre, easily noticeable when taking a stroll through the city.

Most of Oradea’s architecture is built in the ‘Art Nouveau’ style, making the city part of the European Art Nouveau list together with Barcelona, Helsinki and Riga.

Since it sits on the largest mineral-thermal water reserve in Europe, Oradea has a high number of luxurious spas and a fascinating aqua park spread across 7 hectares.

Featuring incredible buildings, historical places, delicious traditional food, numerous spas, wonderful cafeterias, terraces and bars, this is a city that can satisfy everyone.

Aquapark Nymphaea - Oradea

The largest waterpark in this region of Europe, a fascinating world where you can have fun and experience adrenaline but also relax and rejuvenate. The park has 10 exciting waterslides, 15 swimming and relaxation pools, dedicated children area, 6 saunas, massage salons, Turkish baths, sport courts and restaurants.

Surroundings and attractions

Bihor Mountains

A mountain range that is part of the Carpathian Mountains where you can discover a vast number of caves, waterfalls and breath-taking views. A place where you can detach from reality and get closer to nature.

Muntii bihorului (2).jpg

Bears’ Cave

Discovered in 1975, the cave is one of the main attractions of Bihor County, situated 86km from Oradea. The cave has 1500m in length and is formed of two main galleries with breath-taking stalactite and stalagmite structures. The cave got the name because of the impressive number of bones of Ursus Spelaeus, a species of bear that became extinct 24,000 years ago.  

Diosig – the wine capital of Bihor

Great and unique wine has been made in Diosig (35km from Oradea) for more than 600 years ago. Here you can experience the process of wine making and taste the wine that was so much appreciated in the 19th century by the Royal Habsburg family.

Enjoy Traditional Cuisine

When it comes to food, in Oradea you can find a delicious blend between traditional Romanian and Hungarian cuisine that will definitely suit everyone’s taste.