Receiving top quality dental work in the UK using state-of-the-art technology and the best materials is an option that is not affordable for everyone. Nowadays, we are very lucky to have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world due to airfares becoming increasingly cheaper. 

Why not take advantage of this and travel not only for holidays but for medical purposes as well? 

The total cost can be between 50% - 70% less than what it would be in the UK, making it far more accessible and therefore allow for the best quality implants and treatments.


There are many things to consider before you commit to travelling overseas:

•   Finding a reputable dental clinic

•   Calculating the overall cost of your trip including flights, transfers etc. 

•   Comparing it to the cost of treatment at home

•   Knowing what to expect while there

•   Understanding the treatment plan

•   Planning for aftercare and complications


Let us at MED Travel take care of this!


Our aim is to help plan and arrange for you to get the smile that you have dreamt of whilst simultaneously visiting the most beautiful city of Romania, Oradea, and its surroundings. 

We will be dealing with everything including: 


•   Providing you with a treatment plan and estimated price given by our dental partners

•   Offering flight consultancy to help you find the most convenient period to travel

•   Accommodation 

•   Arranging trips to tourist attractions so that you make the most of your visit



How does it work?

1. Getting to know you/Initial medical assessment

We will get in touch via telephone or email in order to understand the specific treatment plan you need. Most importantly, after we received a full panoramic dental X-ray, we will refer you to our team of highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons who will assess your dental requirements and advise on the best course of action.


2. Treatment plan and cost

Upon evaluation of all the information (including the provided X-ray), together with our dentists, we will provide you a detailed breakdown of the cost, which will include:

- Cost of the recommended treatment and all other available options.

- Length of desired treatment.

- Overall price including treatment and accommodation.


3. Starting your journey

Upon acceptance of the offer, all that will be left will be to agree on the most convenient time to travel.

The rest you leave to us!

We will find you the most affordable flights, schedule all of the appointments with our dentist, book the accommodation and arrange any visits to tourist attractions you may want to see during your stay with us.

Discover Oradea, the most beautiful city of Romania and get the smile you have always dreamed of!

Our cost covers the handling, organisation and accommodation while the cost of the treatment will be paid directly to the doctors after each session in accordance with the signed contract beforehand.


Please read our full terms and conditions to learn about the full procedure.